Curtains, sofas, armchairs, chairs and carpets: Mariani upholstery works with passion and craftsmanship to create curtains with a great aesthetic impact and give new life to wooden furniture. Each process is unique for us, the result of the quality of the artisan process and the passion that has always distinguished us.


Beautiful and refined curtains, able to create shaded areas and plays of light for sophisticated and unique environments. Tappezzeria Marina Mariani, active in Milan since 1964, makes custom-made curtains with timeless elegance, suitable for modern and contemporary settings.

Restyling of wooden furniture

Do you want to transform an old wooden piece of furniture into something new and contemporary? The Mariani upholstery in Milan has been involved in restyling wooden furniture for years. In our artisan workshop we give, or rather, we give new life to wooden furniture through a restyling and restoration that starts with upholstery and fabrics.

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Tappezzeria Mariani
Upholstery and furnishing fabrics – Milan

Welcome to our laboratory

Our passion has been handed down since 1964 when the Mariani family opened the first store in the city center of Rho. Within a short time, we have expanded our work not only in the commune of Rho but also in the heart of Milan and its hinterland, while achieving great recognition and appreciation beyond the neighboring borders. All these years we have crafted high-quality upholstery work, using only refined, resistant materials and fabrics, available in many colors, including plain and with different graphics or floral patterns, able to satisfy the tastes of our most demanding customers. Even today, we sustain the quality of our products and provide excellent support to our clients to ensure reliability and attention to detail.

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